Hydraulic Seals: Buying Guide That Will Prove Instrumental


Hydraulic cylinders will have components that need to be sealed in order to maintain optimal, safe performance. Hydraulic seals let you accomplish this task, fortunately. If you plan to buy new ones for these cylinders, use this guide all the way through.

Make Sure Wear-Resistance Is a Dependable Attribute

You don't want to replace hydraulic seals on a cylinder over and over because this not only will cost you a lot of money, but it would also be very inconvenient to have to deal with these replacements all the time.

For this reason, you want to make sure you get hydraulic seals that have great wear-resistant qualities. They will then be able to hold up a lot longer. The seals need to be made up of wear-resistant materials, such as PTFE and polyurethane, and be specifically designed to hold up to the environment that your hydraulic cylinder will expose the seals to. 

Find a Manufacturer That Guarantees Leak-Proof Designs

The main role of hydraulic seals for cylinders is to keep liquid from reaching certain components. You can feel good about this objective if you find a manufacturer that's able to verify their hydraulic seals have a leak-proof design that's able to hold up for a long time.

Hydraulic seal testing is pivotal for verifying leak-proof designs. The seals should have been tested in applicable environments for a certain number of years by the manufacturer. Then you can trust the seals' leak-proof nature will help you maximize this investment as a whole and, most importantly, keep hydraulic cylinder issues at bay.

Use Rendering Software If Buying Custom

If you plan to buy custom hydraulic seals because you can't find the right option on the market today, then it's a good idea to use rendering software. It can help you create realistic models of these seals where you can see key details in an effective manner. That includes the size and special properties of these seals.

You can then refine the models until you see that everything is perfect. From there, you can have a manufacturer develop your custom hydraulic seals in a way that complies with the specs you refined in the aforementioned rendering software.

Hydraulic seals are a staple component for hydraulic cylinders because they keep certain components protected from liquid. If you take an analytical approach to this seal investment, you can easily find the right variety that you know works out great long-term. 

For more information about hydraulic seals, contact a local company.


16 January 2023

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