4 Lighting Upgrades A Commercial Electrician Can Undertake At Your Business Premises


Your workers need sufficient lighting when handling business tasks around your facility. They need quality lighting to enhance visibility and avoid accidents. Since your company spends significant money on lighting your premises, you need to invest in the best lighting fixtures. If you plan to upgrade lighting to cut down utility expenses, improve productivity, and reinforce security, you may need to involve a competent commercial electrician. The following are commercial lighting upgrades a commercial electrician might help you make.

1. Switch to LED

Traditional light bulbs might increase energy consumption and increase your utility bills. If you are trying to cut down your utility costs to improve profit margins, consider switching to LED. So, where do you start? Consider hiring an electrician to help you find high-quality bulbs and holders for the upgrade. Electricians are more knowledgeable about the best brands that will work for your commercial premises. For instance, they might recommend LED high bay lights for large spaces like warehouses.  

2. Install Wall Lighting

Besides improving visibility at your workstation, proper lighting can act as décor. Instead of having a desk or floor lamps that might tip over and get damaged, you may consider installing wall lighting. Your commercial electrician will rewire your office space to install quality wall lighting in your space. The wall lights can improve your office lighting and make your office look big. Your electrician will help you find reliable lighting fixtures to make quality upgrades.

3. New Outdoor Lighting

Although you spend most of the time focusing on your workstation's interior space, your outdoor space also deserves some attention. Quality outdoor lighting helps improve security. It deters criminal activity and keeps intruders at bay. The lights will also improve visibility at night to avoid accidents and injury lawsuits.

Consider talking to a commercial electrician about upgrading your outdoor lighting. The expert might recommend switching to LED to save energy and minimize maintenance costs. They may also recommend solar panels to power the outdoor lights.

4. Motion Sensor Lighting

Today, you can buy lighting integrated with advanced technology. If you have a problem with minimizing energy wastage, getting motion sensor lighting might help. If the new bulbs don't sense any movement in a room, they assume no one is working and automatically switch off. Ask your commercial electrician to install these motion sensor lights in your bathroom, storage rooms, or rooms where some people leave the lights on for a long time.

Are you looking to make any of these upgrades? Consider talking to your commercial electrician to help upgrade commercial lighting in your business premises. You will save money, improve productivity, and help enhance security.

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16 August 2022

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