Responsible Usage Of A Rough-Terrain Crane


A rough-terrain crane is a piece of commercial equipment that is capable of traversing uneven surfaces that contain loose aggregate materials, grass, or dirt. Operating this type of crane requires following safety guidelines.

Vehicle Type

Just like other mobile and immobile crane models, a rough-terrain crane is designed with a track or wheel base. An operator is supplied with an individual seating area to operate the equipment. A rough-terrain crane contains an outrigger system. This system consists of a beam support.

The outrigger aids in keeping a rough-terrain crane upright while it is traversing property or sitting idle and lifting and lowering heavy materials. An all-terrain model contains extendable or fixed beam sections. A load platform that is located along the end of an outrigger system can be used to move items from an elevated position to a lowered one

Load Specifications

A crane rental facility or a manufacturer will supply load weights and machine configurations that will support the safe usage of a rough-terrain crane. The load weights and configurations should be studied extensively. This process should be conducted before a crane is turned on.

A crane may contain a hydraulic motor. The motor is responsible for powering up the equipment and providing the lifting and lowering action that cranes are noted for. The boom should not be too high while a crane is active. This would increase the center of gravity and make a crane unstable.

In addition to following load specifications and setup guidelines, an operator should be mindful of the speed they use to traverse uneven terrain. A rough-terrain crane is designed to move slowly across even and uneven surfaces. The failure to follow the guidelines that a rental outfitter or a manufacturer provides could result in a crane tipping over or materials dropping from a crane's load platform. Even if a machine operator isn't injured during the malfunctioning of a crane, the equipment can become scratched or damaged.


Some rough-terrain manufacturers have begun to construct cranes that contain a wide base. The wider base will aid with keeping a crane stable. A load moment indicator is another adaptation that some crane models possess. This type of indicator will aid a crane operator in keeping weight loads and sizes within the range that a machine is equipped to handle. If you will be purchasing or renting a rough-terrain crane, seek a machine that contains a wide base and electronic indicator.

Contact a crane manufacturer or crane rental company to learn more. 


14 March 2022

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