Lifting Beams And Large Items When You Have Limited Help On The Jobsite


Anytime you need to lift a large item like a beam used in a home or other structure, you need to have a way to support the weight while positioning the beam. Often, finding a beam lift for rent is the best way to move the beam when you have little help or resources available on the job.

Beam Lifts

If you have never used a beam lift before, you may not know what it is or how it is used. Essentially, the lift is a portable frame that uses a set of arms like a forklift to raise the beam to the height required using a mechanical or electric pulley or winch system. 

When looking for a beam lift for rent, you will need to decide what style will work best in your situation, and you can operate it inside the space you need to place the beam. Most beam lifts have wheels on them, so once the beam is at the right height, you can move it into place by rolling the lift in one direction or another. 

While the lift will support the weight of the beam, you must get one rated for your specific needs. Not all beam lift rentals have the same capacity, so ask at the equipment rental shop when you pick up the beam lift to ensure you get one that will do the job safely and efficiently.

Using A Beam Lift

Ideally, when you are considering beam lift rentals and are talking to the rental agent about the options, they should go over the use of the lift with you. Most beam lifts are designed to do the bulk of the work, but when you raise the beam or position the lift and beam in the structure, you must have enough help to stabilize them. 

If you are moving the beam even a couple of feet, the balance needs to be perfect, and it is a good idea to have one person at each end of the beam as you move the lift. The lift will hold the weight, but if the beam starts to move a little one way or the other, that person holding the beam can help maintain the balance so the lift and beam do not tip over. 

Make the move to the final position with the beam low to the ground if possible, and then raise the beam after you are close to the spot it is going to. You can raise the beam to clear any supporting structures, then slide it into place with the lift and set it on the walls or supports.

Secure the beam before removing the beam lift so if something moves, the beam is still supported and no one will get crushed under the weight of a structural support beam. The beam lift rental is there to make your job easier, so use it carefully and it will do that.

For more information, contact a company that has beam lifts for rent.


1 December 2021

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