Guide For Choosing Cleaning Products For A Janitorial Business


If you have your own janitorial business that provides cleaning services to clients, then you need to use high-quality cleaning products from the beginning. They'll impact the cleaning efficiency and effectiveness you're able to offer on a consistent basis. As such, go about searching for these products using this guide.

Review Bacteria-Killing Performance

Regardless of what type of buildings or properties your janitorial company focuses on, you need to make sure bacteria is taken care of. Then your clients will have sterile environments to surround themselves around, reducing their chances of getting sick.

When looking for janitorial cleaning products, it helps to review their bacteria-killing performance. Then you'll know how sterile and clean surfaces will be after being treated with said solutions. Most cleaning products have ratings or percentages that show their bacteria-killing performance, so you can simply review this figure to narrow your focus on the right products geared towards bacterial growth.

Make Sure Cleaners Are Surface-Appropriate

Your janitorial company will clean a lot of surfaces in buildings, including glass, wood, and metal surfaces. In order to ensure these surfaces don't break down by the cleaning products you use, make sure you review surface compatibility in the very beginning.

For instance, if you're cleaning desks made out of wood around a client's office, you need to use wood-friendly cleaning products that won't cause materials to break down. Conversely, if you're cleaning glass windows, the products need to be specifically designed for glass surfaces. Being this particular about the cleaning products you choose will keep important surfaces well-protected.

Look for Products That Support Diluting 

After using a cleaning product for a couple of hours, you may start running low. To get more use out of it, you can dilute it with water. This practice helps you maximize the amount of cleaning products you have to work with and will save you money on supplies.

Just make sure you find janitorial cleaning products that can be diluted with another substance and still offer superior cleaning results. That will go a long way in conserving these products and helping cleaning staff remain efficient.

If you want to create a successful janitorial business, you have to make smart decisions regarding the cleaning products you choose to use regularly. They will matter to clients, and as such, keep searching the market until you find cleaning solutions that have the right properties and cleaning performance. 


1 December 2021

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