Key Features To Get In Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaners


Commercial kitchen hoods are key for alleviating things like smoke and grease particles, but they can get dirty very quickly. That's why you need to have cleaning products in stock to properly alleviate things that collect on these hoods over time. Choosing these products will be a lot easier for your restaurant if you go after a couple of features:


You'll probably put a lot of effort into thoroughly cleaning the kitchen hood in your restaurant. You don't want this time and effort going to waste by having streak marks left over. That would still make your commercial kitchen hood look dirty.

There are fortunately cleaning products that can provide a streak-free cleaning process each time. Regardless of how many times you wipe these solutions back and forth on the kitchen hood, there will hardly be any streaks that take away from your hard work.


If you attempted to clean your restaurant's commercial kitchen hood with abrasive cleaners, you may end up developing scratches on its surface. That isn't ideal from a visual standpoint, but it can also cause severe structural problems since scratches leave kitchen hoods more susceptible to rust.

As such, make sure you tailor your search towards commercial kitchen hood cleaners that are non-abrasive. No matter how hard you scrub the hood with these cleaners, there shouldn't be any scratches leftover. Just make sure you also use non-abrasive towels or rags when wiping these cleaning solutions over the kitchen hood. 


After using the kitchen hood in a restaurant for hours, it's naturally going to get hot. That is especially true if the hood is over things like grills and fryers. These hot surfaces on the kitchen hood won't be problematic at all if you ensure your hood cleaning products aren't flammable. 

Even if you don't completely remove these cleaners from the kitchen hood, the excess heat isn't going to cause the cleaner to catch on fire and create a safety issue in your restaurant. You'll instead have total control over this aspect and give your staff less to worry about when they go to clean this component of your restaurant.

Commercial kitchen hoods are going to get dirty pretty fast too. That's okay as long as you take time to clean them regularly. You'll just need to find cleaning products that have certain qualities you are looking for. Then you'll be able to clean your hood effectively and safely each time. 


17 August 2021

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