Upgrading Your Pool With An Energy-Efficient Pump


In order to keep your pool in good condition, you will need to be able to circulate the water so that it can pass through the various filters that will clean the water. While a pool pump can be an integral part of this feature of your property, you may not have considered the options for optimizing this component. In particular, upgrading to an energy-efficient pool pump can be one option that goes unconsidered by homeowners.

Is It Worth Investing In An Energy-Efficient Pool Pump?

When it comes to the costs of owning and maintaining a pool, it is easy to focus on the costs associated with keeping the pool filled with water as well as the chemicals that are needed to keep the water clear. However, the pump system will need to run almost constantly, and this will substantially increase the electrical needs of the home. The investment of upgrading to an energy-efficient pool pump can be a step that reduces the lifetime costs of owning the pool, which can help to pay for the costs involved with making this upgrade.

Will An Energy-Efficient Pool Pump Provide Good Circulation For The Water?

A person may assume that the energy efficiency gains from these pumping systems will mean that the system will not circulate water as well throughout the pool. Luckily, this is not the case as these pumps will utilize advanced designs to reduce the amount of energy that they need. This can allow for these pumps to be able to provide comparable performance despite using far less energy. Individuals that have larger pools will particularly value this as their pumping systems will need to be able to move vast amounts of water.

Can Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps Be Combined With Renewable Power Sources?

Due to the fact that energy-efficient pool pumps will require far less energy than more traditional models, it can be possible to integrate these systems into renewable power sources. Solar panels will be among the more popular options for this upgrade, but you will want to be sure that this upgrade is done by a professional. This will ensure that the energy source is properly calibrated for the pumping system while avoiding potentially damaging problems and complications. Depending on the size of the pump that your pool will require, it may be possible to fully power the system using renewable power sources and a high capacity battery system.

To learn more, contact an energy-efficient pool pump manufacturer near you.


28 June 2021

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