The Key to a Safe and Efficient Fuel Train Is Proper Valve Maintenance and Management


When it comes to commercial or industrial boilers, your business or company won't be boiling much of anything without a properly running fuel train. Your boiler's fuel train is what controls the flow from the burner to the boiler itself and usually includes a number of safety or shut-off valves along the way. If you want to ensure safe and efficient operation for your company's boiler now and in the future, paying close attention to your fuel train's valves should be one of your top priorities. Keeping these valves clean and operating as they should will give you and your employees peace of mind and extend the lifespan of your boiler. Here are some fuel train valve tips to remember.

Watch Out for Corrosion From Condensation

As a boiler goes through its paces and fuel moves through the system, the temperature is obviously going to go up and down. A change in temperature can sometimes cause condensation to occur. While a little bit of condensation in your fuel train or shut-off valves is not a giant problem by itself, it can develop into one if that condensation eventually leads to corrosion. Inspect the fuel train and all valves for this problem regularly, even if you are using materials that are better at keeping corrosion at bay. A shut-off valve that has suffered corrosion may not shut the fuel train down as quickly as you might like.

A Tight Seal Will Keep Leaks From Happening

While the boiler is in operation, more fuel will be sent into the system to keep things burning. But when you want the boiler to slow down or turn off, you of course need to make sure that the system listens to your instructions immediately. Some of your fuel train valves are designed not as an emergency shut-off but as a temporary seal that will halt the flow until it is needed again. You should inspect every valve for the strength of its seal on a regular basis. If your valves are still leaking fuel when they should not be, this could lead to a literally explosive situation that won't end well for anyone.

Descale Your Valves and the Entire Train When Needed

As fuel moves through the train and your valves, it's possible that your equipment could pick up some scaling over time. For best results, contact a local professional for regular rescaling of your entire fuel train, all safety valves, and the boiler itself. Reach out to a local fuel train company, such as Nationwide Boiler, today for more information.


10 May 2021

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