How to Prepare for Your First Concrete Delivery


Whether you are building a residential or commercial property from the ground up and need concrete for the foundation, you are constructing a brand-new parking lot for your business, or you are building a backyard patio, you will need to have concrete delivered to your home or business. The process can be expedited if you take the time to prepare so that delays and complications can be prevented. Keep reading to learn a few tips on preparing for your first delivery of concrete.

1. Inform Your Neighbors

If you have a delivery of concrete scheduled, make sure that you inform your neighbors that a truck is going to be coming out on a certain date to your home or business. If you know the time and about how long the truck and contractors will be at your home or business, let them know so that arrangements can be made if needed. There is likely to be some noise, so your residential neighbors may want to leave the house and commercial neighbors may want to inform their customers about the potential noise.

2. Clear the Work Area

Prior to the day that the concrete is scheduled to be delivered, you will want to take the time to prepare the ground by clearing the work area of any and all types of debris and objects, including tree limbs, décor, furniture, and signage. When the cement truck arrives at your home or business, it will need to be able to get the delivery site with no issues. If there is not a suitable area near your residential or commercial property for the concrete truck to park, a pump will be necessary for the material to be transferred to the worksite.

3. Compact the Soil

Before the concrete can be poured, the soil needs to be compacted so the contractors can pour the concrete onto a flat and well-compacted surface. This prevents severe settling as well as structural damaging. The soil will first be tested in order to determine the amount of compaction that is needed based on a variety of factors like moisture level and type of soil.

4. Speak to Your Concrete Supplier

Before the day of delivery, it is important that you speak to your supplier to ensure that they are aware of how much material is needed. If too much or not enough concrete is ordered, you run the risk of dealing with the negative consequences on your budget.

For more information about concrete delivery is needed, contact a commercial concrete supplier in your area.


15 September 2020

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