3 Reasons To Use Aluminum Pipes With Your Air Compressor


Creating compressed air isn't always cheap. You must pay to run your compressor, pay to maintain the compressor, and invest in a network of pipes to transport compressed air throughout your facility.

The easiest way to maximize the efficiency of your compressed air system is to minimize air loss or quality during production and delivery. The type of pipes that you use with your air compressor can have a direct impact on the performance and stability of your compressed air system over time.

Aluminum pipes can offer a number of features that you will find beneficial.

1. Aluminum is Light-Weight

Many compressed air systems must be mobile in order to accommodate the needs of your facility. If you have a mobile system, the weight of the pipes you use to transport compressed air matters.

Aluminum is an extremely lightweight metal alloy. Any pipes made from aluminum can easily be moved by a few employees, making them the perfect choice for your mobile compressed air needs.

The lightweight design of aluminum pipes also makes them easy to handle during repairs and maintenance.

2. Aluminum is Clean

The quality of your compressed air is important when it comes to maintaining the performance of any tools or systems that rely on this air. Contaminants in the compressed air supply can damage the moving parts of your equipment.

Contaminant particles can also pollute the air supply and make it unsafe for use. Aluminum is a durable material that doesn't corrode when exposed to environmental contaminants. This durability will prevent your air supply from being compromised and help you avoid any quality control issues with your compressed air.

3. Aluminum is Non-Corrosive

Many people turn to aluminum pipes for their compressed air systems because aluminum is non-corrosive. Not only does corrosion resistance prevent contamination, it can help ensure the integrity of your compressed air pipes over time.

Air leaks can lower the efficiency of your air compressor and drive up your energy costs. Aluminum air pipes will not develop pinhole leaks caused by corrosion. You can rely on your aluminum pipes to provide superior performance over the life of your compressed air system.

Pipe selection is a critical part of the design of any compressed air system. Don't make the mistake of overlooking the importance of the materials your pipes are made from. Aluminum compressed air pipes offer the ability to conserve energy, ensure longevity, and maintain air quality within your facility.


29 July 2020

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