Why Your Warehouse or Industrial Plant Should Always Have a Few Machinery Dollies on Hand


If your warehouse or plant works with a lot of heavy equipment or machinery, you probably put a lot of effort into performing regular maintenance to make sure everything continues working as it should. While most of your equipment or machinery may be able to be serviced in place, there may be some situations where your heavy machinery actually needs to be moved. It's for this reason that machinery dollies exist. You're probably familiar with a regular dolly as one that can be used to move a heavy piece of furniture across the room. Well, machinery dollies are like a regular dolly on steroids. These dollies exist to help you move machinery that could weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Here's why every warehouse and plant needs to keep a stock of machinery dollies on hand. 

Avoid Damage to Your Warehouse or Plant

Moving a large piece of machinery that weighs hundreds of pounds and also possibly stretches from one wall to another is not going to be easy. If you don't use the right tools to make this process go as smoothly as possible, you could be risking damage to surrounding items. The last thing you need is to have an extremely heavy piece of machinery ram into a wall or an inventory shelf because you lost control while trying to move it.

Avoid Worker Injuries

Of course, there's another type of damage that's probably even more important to avoid than just damage to your warehouse, and that's damage to your workers' health and well-being. No worker should ever be asked to try and lift a heavy piece of equipment or machinery unassisted, even if they have help from their co-workers. Machinery dollies can make this process much easier for everyone involved. Simply slide the dolly under the equipment and then your workers can simply (and slowly) wheel the large apparatus to wherever it needs to go.

Avoid Damage to Your Equipment or Machinery

Finally, let's talk about the machinery or equipment itself. If you try to rig together some other way of moving these valuable and expensive pieces of equipment, you are going to risk damage to some of your most valuable hardware. If you damage your equipment or machinery while trying to move it, you might not be able to get back to full operation anytime soon. Investing in new machinery dollies seems like a small price to pay in exchange for peace of mind that everything will make it to the destination in one piece


8 July 2020

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