3 Forklift Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off


Cutting corners when it comes to forklift repairs can be dangerous. Not only will you compromise the quality of your equipment, but you also put the safety of your forklift operators at risk. Immediate repair is needed whenever a problem arises with your forklift.

If you are aware of some of the common malfunctions that plague modern forklifts, you can be proactive in addressing these issues with timely repairs.

1. Hydraulic Leaks

Many forklifts rely on a hydraulic system to help them raise and lower heavy loads. A hydraulic system uses pressurized fluid to generate power. Leaks within the hydraulic system can cause a sudden loss in power that could prove deadly.

You should never let a hydraulic leak go unchecked. Conduct routine inspections of your forklift fleet and check for evidence of leaking hydraulic fluid. Repair or replace damaged hoses immediately to preserve the safety of your forklifts in the future.

2. Damaged Batteries

Forklifts use deep-cycle batteries as a source of power. Problems with these batteries will immediately affect the performance of the forklift. You may notice the forklift moving in a sluggish manner, experience intermittent power failures, or note a reduced cycle time for the battery.

Battery repairs can be dangerous and should only be handled by experienced technicians. Your faulty batteries may need a thorough cleaning. Water levels within the battery could be low, and the fluids may need to be replenished. Corrosion can also have a negative effect on battery performance by preventing proper terminal contact.

Repairing a battery will help restore the performance of your forklift and keep the machine running reliably.

3. Tire Damage

The tires on your forklift can have a direct impact on the safety of the machine. Damaged tires make it more likely that your forklift could tip while loaded down with valuable merchandise.

It's important that you monitor the condition of your tires on a regular basis. Use the right tires for your operating conditions, and pull a forklift with damaged tires out of rotation.

Minor damage, like scratches or small splits, can typically be repaired with ease. Severe damage will require the replacement of the affected tire.

Routine tire maintenance can help you prevent dangerous tire failures that could damage merchandise and put the safety of your operators at risk.

Forklift repairs should always be done as quickly as possible. Don't put off repairs if you want to be able to rely on your forklifts.

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29 June 2020

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