Choosing The Right Hydraulic Seals For Your Situation


Hydraulic systems have seals on many different parts of them, and they are not all the same. If you are replacing the seals on your hydraulics, you need to make sure that the hydraulic seals you use are right for the application and the pressure that the system is capable of building.

Where to Find Seals

When you are looking for hydraulic seals, you should contact an industrial parts service and talk to them about the seals you need. Often, an industrial supplier carries or can get just about any of the small parts you need for a lot of different things.

Another potential source for the seals is the manufacturer of the hydraulic system you are using. If they do not sell the seals directly, they can tell you where to get the proper seal for your application. You can also get third-party seals that are made to meet the same standards as the original seal, and often, they will carry the same part number as the original part, making it easier to match up to the original. 

Get the Right Style

Hydraulic seals come in several different styles, including metal, press-fit seals with rubber sealing surfaces, solid rubber seals, and rubber seals with steel or other wire cores to keep the seal from ripping. The styles are not interchangeable and have very specific uses. Getting the right seal for your application means finding the correct diameter, material, and style for the job the seal needs to do. 

If you are buying hydraulic seals and the recommended part from a supplier looks different from the seal you have, they are likely not the same and probably will not work for your application. Ask the vendor about the differences and verify the information they are using for the replacement part. If you have the old seal and can visit the vendor directly, take the old seal so you can make a comparison of the two seals before you buy anything.

Professional Installation

If you can take your pump or cylinders into a hydraulic shop and have the technician service them and install new hydraulic seals for you, the shop will make sure that the right seal is put in the hydraulic system for you. The shop may have the seal in stock, but if they do not, they will know where to find the right one for your application.

Professional installation of the hydraulic seals may be best if you are having trouble finding the right seals yourself or do not have the tools to do it yourself.


18 May 2020

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