3 Tips For Effectively Swaddling A Newborn


Swaddling is more than just wrapping your baby up in a blanket. Swaddling helps your baby sleep well and can help your baby learn when and how to fall sleep. Swaddling can also be really comforting for your baby.

Start Swaddling Your Baby on Their First Day

If you want your baby to be comfortable with being swaddled, you need to start by swaddling your baby on day one, the day of their birth. Most hospitals will naturally swaddle your baby, but if you have a home birth, you are going to want to swaddle your baby on the day they are born.

By swaddling your baby from the very beginning, your baby will be comfortable with being swaddled. Because swaddling can help your baby sleep more deeply and wake up less often, swaddling from day one benefits both you and your baby.

Use a Swaddle That Opens on Both Sides

There are different types of swaddling blankets you can purchase for your baby. You are going to want to purchase a swaddling blanket that opens from the bottom. This will allow you to easily change your baby's diaper without having to open the entire swaddle. You can leave your baby swaddled on top as you change their diaper. You can easily change your baby's diaper, wrap them back up, feed them if necessary, and put your baby back down to sleep. A swaddle that you can open from both sides can allow your baby to "sleep" through their feedings and diaper changes.  

Use Your Baby's Swaddle as a Sleep Signal

Finally, you want to use your baby's swaddle as a sleep signal. By associating certain things with the process of falling asleep, you will help your baby learn to fall asleep on their own.

When your baby is awake, feed them and play with them. When it is time for your baby to take a nap, wrap them up in their swaddle, give them some kisses and cuddles, and then lay your baby down in their designated sleep spot.

This routine will help your baby know when it is time to fall asleep. Establishing a solid sleep routine from the very start will help your baby get solid sleep at night.

Be sure to pick up some swaddling blankets before your baby arrives. Swaddling can help your baby sleep properly and can make life easier on you as a parent as well. Pick up some swaddles that open up from both sides so you can easily change your baby's diaper and even feed them while they sleep.

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries cotton baby swaddling blankets.


12 May 2020

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