3 Helpful Features To Look For When Shopping For Rescue Saw Blades


If you work as a firefighter, there are a lot of helpful tools you use on a daily basis. In terms of cutting, one of the most important is a heavy-duty fire rescue saw blade. If you're in the market for one of these heavy-duty blades, these features are worthwhile to look for. 

Depth Indicators

When you're using a rescue saw to cut through materials to get to someone, whether it's through a car or rubble, then you need to know how far you've cut into the material. Otherwise, you could get too close to the person and harm them.

You won't have to really worry when you get a rescue saw blade with depth indicators. As you start sawing into materials, you'll see markers of different depths. That lets you know exactly how far the blade has made it into the materials, helping you respond accordingly. 

Anti-Crack Design

Even though rescue saw blades are pretty heavy-duty and can cut through some tough materials, there are some that have a tendency of cracking. That would be bad when dealing with a life-threatening situation.

In this case, you'll want to get a rescue saw blade with an anti-crack design. These blades typically have gullets all around the blade, which help distribute force better so that no portion of the blade is put through too much. You can be as rough as you want with the rescue saw blade and it will still hold up. 


There will be times when the rescue saw blade is exposed to the elements outside. It may be wind, dirt, rain, or even snow. These elements could cause a lot of damage to your rescue saw blade unless it has a weatherproof design.

With weather-proof sealing, the rescue saw blade can sit outside for a prolonged period of time and it will still hold up and perform optimally just like you need it to. You won't even have to worry about the rescue saw blade rusting if it's left out in the rain. A weatherproof design can save you a lot of money on repairs and replacements.

Rescue saw blades are coveted instruments in the firefighting industry because of how effective they are at cutting through tough materials during emergency situations. As long as you get a blade with the right specs, you'll be completely satisfied with how it performs on a long-term basis and have no regrets. 


12 May 2020

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