Benefits Of Using Thermoplastic Pipe Hangers For Your Plumbing


Pipe hangers are a necessity in almost every plumbing project, and there are many different types and styles available. Plastic, metal, and hangers that are a combination of both are readily available from most home centers, but there can be benefits to using a thermoplastic pipe hanger for the project you are working on.

Hanger Options

Thermoplastic pipe hangers are produced from high-quality plastics that are strong enough to support the pipes running under your home or through your commercial building. Along with the strength, these hangers provide comes some flexibility.

The manufacturer of the hangers will select specific plastics and blend them in the molding process so that the pipe hangers have the properties needed to work best.

Pipe Movement

While it is not always obvious, the pipes running through your building move a small amount when water or other materials are flowing through them. If the pipe is not well supported, over time, damage can occur to the pipe or the joints where they connect. A thermoplastic pipe hanger can move with the pipe, but at the same time limiting how much movement is allowed to happen.

Letting the pipe move a little is an excellent way to take some strain off of it, but too much movement is when damage happens. Since a good portion of the pipe in modern plumbing is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe, using metal hangers can damage the outside of the pipe. If there is any movement between the hanger and the pipe, the movement can wear a hole in the pipe eventually. 

If you are running copper lines through your home, you can use thermoplastic pipe hangers to support the copper lines as well as the PVC ones. Most manufacturers of pipe hangers make hangers to fit your copper lines dimensions, and that will hold the copper securely.

Cost Savings

Using thermoplastic pipe hangers can reduce the cost of the job because the price of the hangers is relatively low compared to other materials. The plastic hangers are made in bulk, and the cost to produce them is less expensive than other materials, so the cost for the consumer can be kept lower.

Some companies are using recycled plastics to create these hangers, which helps reduce cost, and it is an excellent way to reduce the amount of discarded plastics in landfills. Check your local home center for options, and if you need a hanger that you do not see, ask them about it. They may be able to get it for you, but most hardware stores and home centers carry a wide variety of these hangers for you to choose from.

For more information, contact a thermoplastic pipe hanger supplier.


8 May 2020

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