3 Features To Look For In A Scaffold Rental


If a temporary project requires you to reach up high, then you'll need a rental scaffold. There are many of these devices available today, but you'll have an easy time finding the perfect rental by looking for these features.

Textured Surface

When you're walking on the scaffold, you want to be able to retain your grip as to prevent yourself from slipping and falling. That would be a devastating injury, but you can prevent it by looking for a rental scaffold with a textured surface.

The texture gives your shoes extra grip throughout the day, which enables you to move around the scaffold with confidence. Even if it starts to rain or gets humid, the surface won't be a problem because the scaffold has a textured surface that makes it completely non-slip. This feature can help circumvent a lot of stressful complications. 


If you plan on moving this scaffold around the work site to reach different areas, then you need to make sure the scaffold rental has a portable design. You'll then be able to conveniently move it to any spot.

Portable scaffolds typically have swivel casters on the bottom. They enable you to move the scaffold in any direction effortlessly. They also have a locking mechanism. So as soon as you find the right spot to use this scaffold, you can secure the casters in place so that the scaffold will remain in the exact position you want it for the time being.


There may be times when you need to reach different heights around the work site, in which case you definitely need a rental scaffold with an adjustable design. It opens up your ability to use this scaffold at different heights.

You thus don't have to worry about renting out several different scaffolds at one time. Just one will suffice, and it can help you avoid rental fees and a lot of other stresses. Just make sure you get a scaffold that adjusts to the heights you need to reach. Then, you'll have no regrets with the scaffold rental you end up choosing. 

Scaffolds are incredible structures for working up high in a safe manner. If you plan on renting one out as to save money, make sure you carefully look over the available options and get a scaffold with the critical features you will need. 

To learn more about rental options, contact services like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. in your area. 


7 May 2020

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