Furnishing An Oilfield Housing Unit: Finding The Right Balance Of Comfort And Utility


No matter what the current oil industry looks like, there will always be boom times that require more people. As the last major increase in shale oil work showed, having enough housing available for all the people you're hiring is necessary lest they be forced to compete for limited housing in nearby towns, which can quickly drive up rental prices. Mobile oilfield housing units easily take care of the supply problem once you have utility lines installed, but then you face another issue: furnishing them so that workers are comfortable. Given how many variations and preferences there are, that balance can be elusive.

Bed Size

Bed size is one such example. If you're setting up small studio-style units with one person living in each, a twin bed may be all you and they need. That allows for more floor space and generally more open room, which can help combat the feeling of being hemmed in if the unit is very small. Even housing units with separate bedrooms often don't have a lot of space in those rooms, to begin with. Other residents, however, might like the luxury of having a larger double or full bed. One solution is to furnish some units with a twin and others with a double or full; another is to store both types of beds in another storage unit and furnish the housing units per the request of the person moving in. One thing you should not do is try to squeeze a queen or king bed into the smaller units, though, as that just takes up valuable floor space.

Wall Decorations Above the Bed

You don't have to add decorations like pictures to each unit. However, it's not uncommon for companies to want to do that just to make the place look better. These items are often placed over the bed, but that's not a good idea. Because of the potential of quakes in many areas, including those related to fracking, you never, ever want to have things hung over the bed, especially the head of the bed. If there's a quake, and the item is not secured well, then it can fall and injure whoever is in the bed. And securing these items so that they don't fall isn't as easy as it sounds.

Still, if the wall at the head of the bed looks so bare that you can't stand it, look at adding an accent wall (meaning the wall is painted a brighter or bolder color) or add things like wall decals, which are like giant stickers.


For some reason, a lot of furnished units (both on and off the oilfield) don't contain bookcases. You'll see chairs, tables, and couches, but rarely a bookcase. Because you don't know what your workers are bringing with them when they move into the unit, you might not want to add several bookcases, but a three- or four-shelf unit can be very nice to have. Place the case so that it isn't behind doors (where it can damage the door if the door is pushed into the case) and so that it isn't blocking windows, and then bolt the case to the wall for safety.

What you want to provide is something that makes the majority of your residents feel good to be home after a long day at work. That means having both comfortable furniture and enough space to avoid feeling crowded. Each housing unit you add to your oilfield property should be a place people want to return to.

For more information, contact an oilfield housing service.


5 May 2020

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