Keys to Purchasing a 3 O'Clock Welder with Zero Regrets


3 o'clock welders are extremely versatile machines that help out on a lot of work sites today. If your particular site could benefit from one, then you'll want to take advantage of this buying advice so that you don't have any regrets later on.

1. Come in with a Budget

Since these welders aren't cheap—even used—you'll want to determine a budget. This is the best way to prevent yourself from overspending and then having a lot of regrets financially later on. You need to sit down and see what's actually feasible in a price for a 3 o'clock welder. If your budget is a little tight, then used may be the best route. Or, you can shop around for new units to see which supplier is offering the best rate at the time. Just choose a realistic figure and then stick to it when shopping. 

2. Make Sure a Laser Pointer Is Included

When you use a 3 o'clock welder on various materials, you need precise results. Otherwise, you could end up damaging the materials and then having to start over. That's not ideal because you probably don't have unlimited resources to pay for replacement materials.

You can feel better about this when you get a 3 o'clock welder with a laser pointer. The laser pointer is like a visual indicator that lets you see exactly where the welder is going before you actually start to weld. You can then easily line up the welder and make sure you're welding the correct spots on whatever material you're working on.

3. Opt for an Emergency Stop Feature

There may be a time when you accidentally move abruptly when working around a 3 o'clock welder. For instance, you may slip out of position and then get too close to the hot part of the welder. In times like this, you need a 3 o'clock welder with an emergency stop feature.

If you come too close to the welder, sensors will automatically pick this up and shut the welder off completely. This is so important for staying safe around one of these heavy-duty welders and having greater confidence using the machine.

3 o'clock welders—also known as girth welders—are incredibly important for horizontal welding. If you plan on buying one and want to ensure you're making the right investment, make sure you assess impactful features and keep your particular operations in mind. You can contact 3 o'clock welder suppliers to learn more. 


4 May 2020

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