4 Tools That You Want For Prototypes And Printed Circuit Board Evaluation


When you have an idea for a new product or electronic device, the idea will lead to a prototype being built. With electronic devices, there are printed circuit boards that need to be evaluated to ensure they are doing the job they were designed for and work in the prototype. Therefore, you need to have the right tools and equipment to test the circuitry of your prototypes. The following evaluation equipment is the essential tools you need to test your prototypes before you move on to the test step in design and production:

1. Humidity and Temperature Testing Equipment to Ensure Your Design Can Withstand Environmental Conditions

Most electronic circuits will need to be resistant to certain environmental conditions. This is why it is important to have temperature and humidity testing equipment in your lab. This equipment will allow you to evaluate the ability of printed circuit board prototypes to withstand damage in certain environmental conditions that they are designed for.

2. Automated Conveyor Belt Testing Equipment to Evaluate Multiple Circuit Board Designs in A Prototype

Sometimes, you may have a lot of testing that needs to be done for your printed circuit boards. This can be tedious if you have to do everything by hand. Therefore, you want to look for automated solutions for your testing needs. This can be done with conveyor belt circuit board evaluation equipment that will allow you to evaluate and test multiple prototypes without having to load the circuit boards in the equipment by hand.

3. Gold Testing Equipment to Ensure Your Circuits Have Corrosion Resistant and Reliable Circuitry

Another important feature of the printed circuit board is the gold content of the circuitry. You want to test these connections for the amount of gold they contain and the conductivity of the circuit. This is essential for reliable designs that are consistent and resistant to problems with wear and corrosion that can affect electronic devices.

4. All-in-one Testing Cabinet for Circuitry Testing Needs of Your Prototypes to Quickly Evaluate Designs

Lastly, you may have a limited amount of space in your laboratory and need to evaluate many different printed circuit board prototypes. There are also all-in-one cabinet solutions that can have all the equipment you need to test your circuits. These can be designed by the manufacturer or you can have them custom build for the needs of your prototypes and printed circuit board evaluation needs.

These are the essential tools that you need to evaluate the printed circuit boards in your prototypes. If you are looking for the right tools to complete the design of your ideas, contact a printed circuit board analysis equipment supplier to get the tools you need to move your designs past prototypes and into production. 


23 April 2020

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